It’s their loss; it’s their LOSS

Back in 2008, the CBC lost the rights to the theme song that had opened every episode of Hockey Night in Canada since 1968.  Because the CBC is run by a bunch of communists, a nation-wide song writing contest was declared and amateur and professional musicians alike scrambled to submit their entries.  For three months or so, I practically abandoned what I was supposed to be doing (writing the old dissertation) and instead started trying my hand at composing jingles.  I wrote four in total before the contest closed.  None were selected by the panel of tasteless wax-eared judges.  My favorite was this one.

Cool Down (Post-game wrap)

From the compositional get-go, I realized that it had zero anthemic value, but then I figured maybe it could serve as a post-game outro, a cool number to be played while the credits rolled.  After all, there’s no need for a blustering anthem after the battle is over and the fields salted.  But a communist suit is still a suit, and all suits lack vision.


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