This week in PHL: “Battered Hide”

This week in PHL, it’s “Battered Hide.”* Here it is, for your listening horror:

Battered Hide

Baby I’m home / Honey I’ve come back / Open the door /Darlin I’ve come for you / And no one else is gonna do… / I know it’s late / And I should have called first/ What can I say? / Momma I took a thirst / That only you could slake

I’ve wandered wide in this cold, cruel** world / And I’ve picked up a scar or two / But beneath this battered hide***/ Beats a heart that’s true

So whaddaya say? / You know I mean it / Why hesitate? / What have you got to lose? / Only those old dismal blues… / Honey you’ll see / This is the real thing / Love guaranteed / Not ever to fall through / So let me in and stay with you

*The official song title.  In jams, we tend to just call it “Booty Call,” since in the narrative, the time is night and the unlucky lyrical I, having repeatedly struck out at the bar, has come knocking on his ex’s door, with a last ditch pitch for some action before the same dull round of the day begins all over again.

** Clearly a pedantic reference to Gilles Deleuze’s great study of Leopold von Sacher Masoch, Coldness and Cruelty.

*** The songwriter’s attempt to inscribe his name in the song by means of a pun. Unfortunately the inscription is only within the lyrics, not within the music.  There are no tones or keys of jay, vee, or aitch.  Actually back in the day in Germany they did use to use H, which allowed Johan Sebastian to write the progression B-A-C-H  into his B-minor mass.  This may not exactly be true, but inexactly it probably is.


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