The Micropolitics of CYE: 2

“Palestinian Chicken” has been for me the most cringe-worthy of this season.  I can’t decide whether it’s inappropriate in a bad or a good way, if it makes too light of a situation that has seen so much letting of blood or if its lightness is precisely a savage critique of the senselessness of the situation’s perpetual irresolution.  The still here is from the climax: Larry is caught between Jewish and Palestinian protesters.  The Jewish contingent, made up of many of Larry’s friends, are protesting the opening of a Palestinian restaurant next to (as Marty Funkhauser in his recently rejuvenated Judaism puts it) the “sacred land” of a Jewish deli.  The Palestinian contingent includes Shara, the hypersexualized bombshell who earlier in the episode gave Larry the best hate-fuck of his life.  She is promising him a lifetime of mindblowing sex if only he comes over to her side.  The episode ends with Larry stuck in the middle.  He seems completely unable to make up his mind, although the very last shot before the credits roll shows him slightly inclining his head to the Palestinian side (what with the chicken, the sex, the fact he hates his friends).

The episode seems a fitting place to take off from, since it treats of something expressly political.  It also has the benefit of seeming to equate the political and the polemical, of representing the function of the political as the division between friend and enemy…


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