The Micropolitics of CYE: 8

Where the hell was I again?  Haven’t had much time of late. Something about pleasure or something about Larry as the personification of an id that militates against the temporal dismemberment of its pleasure. It’s slowly coming back…

In that scene I previously transcribed, Larry doesn’t repress the truth.  He tells the truth in order to avoid the displeasure of doing something he doesn’t want to do.  Of course he also lies for the very same reason.  Actually lying to avoid something deemed unpleasant is the motor of this season’s major geographical translations.  Larry leaves L.A. and goes to New York because he doesn’t want to spend a day volunteering with sick kids.  He lies and tells the person soliciting him that he has to be in New York.  Then in the final scenes of the season finale, he leaves New York and goes to Paris for the very same reason.  Telling the truth and lying are leveled: the former is no longer a virtue and the latter no longer a vice. Both become interchangeable means for various pleasurable ends.

Naturally, Larry isn’t the only one who has placed himself beyond the good of telling the truth and the evil of lying: everyone in CYE’s world has.  So it is that Larry often has to confront others like himself, and attempt to discern whether or not they are telling the truth.  This is another piece of the narrative formula: the typical scene where Larry attempts to read his enemy or adversary’s face for a sign of lie:

Here a suspicious Larry faces off with Ricky Gervais:







Ricky holds his ground…







And here he scrutinizes Michael J. Fox for a telltale tell:







But MJF stonewalls him…







To be continued…



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