Monomania EOA: 5.1

DG write that there are three strata that concern us the most, because they bind us the most directly.  These are: the organism, signifiance, and subjectification.  In a certain sense, we could say that these three strata together constitute a particular sociopolitical assemblage.  Earlier we probably noted that DG define assemblages as doubly articulated systems that form within the strata. An assemblage is at once a “pragmatic system” of actions and passions (a machinic assemblage of bodies/desires) and a “semiotic system” of order-words (a collective assemblage of enunciation).  We can think of the three strata that concern us as constituting an assemblage insofar as “the organism” is the product of a pragmatic system of actions and passions, and “signifiance” and “subjectification” are shorthand for two distinct but inseparable semiotic systems or regimes of signs.

What is an “organism”?  An organism is not the same thing as a body.  In “The Geology of Morals,” the pair declare rather that an organism “befalls” a body.  A smithy organism thus befalls the body of the smith “by virtue of a machine or machinic assemblage that stratifies it.” A particular pragmatic system of bodies and desires allows or demands the interaction of human bodies and metal bodies.  The smithy organism is to be understood as a particular formalization of the body.  It obviously follows that there are countless organisms waiting to befall your body like so many succubi or incubi.  A more contemporary example might be the organism that befalls the body caught up in a machinic assemblage with a computer.  Think of the organisms that befall the bodies of Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman in the World of Warcraft episode of South Park:

Of course, these obese pimply organisms befell them while they were trying to beat a particularly invulnerable player, himself befallen with quite the hideous organism:

The carpal tunnel brace shows the results of a prolonged interaction between the formed matter of the hand, wrist and arm and the formed matter of the computer mouse.  Maybe the glasses indicate that the player’s eyesight has been weakened by staring at a monitor (a body that projects focused and intense beams of light); maybe the player’s slouch indicates hemmorrhoids from sitting on a chair so long…

So the organism is a formalization of content just as a regime of signs is a formalization of expression.  And as there are n regimes of signs so there are n organisms.  New organisms can arise as modifications occur in the pragmatic system of bodily actions and passions. Maybe after losing interest in the World of Warcraft, the dude can take up weight training…


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