Monomania EOA: 6

The other two strata that most immediately bind us and that most immediately require our efforts to dismantle are those of “signifiance” and “subjectification.”  These are two “regimes of signs,” distinct but inseparable components of our current sociopolitical assemblage: an assemblage that William Burroughs, in the name of utmost precision, came to call “control society.”

DG define a “regime of signs” as a specific formalization of linguistic expression that is distinct yet inseparable from a specific pragmatic system (or “form of content”).  The schizoanalyst can never isolate a regime of signs from the pragmatic system that coincides with it.  There is always this double articulation of the assemblage.  As it thickens or congeals, the assemblage becomes a stratum, and its double articulation that of content and expression.  As it explodes, the assemblage becomes a metastratum facing the BwO, and its double articulation that of matter and function. (All of this obviously requires further elaboration.)  Signifiance and subjectification, the signifying and the postsignifying regimes of signs, manifest as an assemblage thickens into a stratum.  There is an a-signifying regime of signs proper to an assemblage as it explodes.  But we dance also that must elsewo.

DG insist that while the two semiotic regimes of signifiance and subjectification are distinct, they currently exist in a state of total entanglement.  This coincidence in the sociopolitical assemblage that machines us is reflected in the schizoid constitution of the modern soul.  Thus DG relate these two regimes to two forms of “delusion”: the ideational delusion of paranoia and the active delusion of monomania.  Despotism and authoritarianism: these are the two sides of the ubiquitous schizoid type of person.  Opposed to the schizoid (not to mention the schizophrenic) is the schizo or nomad, who is gripped not by neurotic or psychotic delusion but by the delirium of absolute deterritorialization…


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