This week in PHL: Dirty Sole

It’s been awhile since the last PHL installment… here’s a classic that we had fun slowing perversely down and adding some brushes to. (Click the link open in a new tab, so music and image can unfold together in a total hypermedia experianza.)

Dirty Sole

You’re a pretty girl with a sunny disposition

And you have about you an open-minded air

Now please don’t be afraid or take this the wrong way

But I’d love to know what size of shoe you wear…

Would you walk for me in these boots of yellow leather?

And could you lift your skirt just a little as you do?

Now show me that dirty sole: it sure looks worn and old

I’m gonna lick it clean till it’s just as good as new…

Now I consider it really quite inappropriate

For a woman to have to shine her own footwear

So kick off those pink heels and leave me for a while

I cannot work with you just standing there…

Would you walk for me…


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